When is the best time of the year to get married in this region?

Our typical wedding season is April-June and September-November. Since we are a multi-function facility, we host other events besides weddings. As a result, our space is limited. We recommend deciding on a wedding venue at least a year in advance to secure your dates. Weather in our region is variable but late spring and fall are the best bets for optimal weather conditions. Fall in the foothills is personally our favorite time of the year. The weather is beautiful and there is typically a lower chance of rain in October. We strongly advise against summer weddings at our venue due to the very high temperatures and the fact that we are a completely outdoor facility with no air conditioning. If you are 100% sold on a summer date, please still contact us and we can see if we have any available dates.

What is the minimum number of guests I can have at my wedding? What is the maximum number? 

There really is no minimum number of guests although the average wedding size we host here is around 100 people. We can hold a maximum of 150 guests in the ceremony and dining areas. We recommend not exceeding 150 guests due to limited restroom and dining facilities. 

What is your policy on alcohol? 

You are more than welcome to bring in your own beer and kegs, wine, and champagne. We do not offer bartender services so you are responsible for hiring one or designating someone 21 years or older to serve alcohol to guests. Hard alcohol is not prohibited although we require you to have a bartender who serves and monitors the distribution of hard liquor to guests. There will be no self-pouring of hard liquor allowed. This is to ensure that minors do not have access and to help discourage against any excessive intoxication. We are not responsible for any injury or accidents relating to alcohol consumption. The wedding party is also responsible for replacing any damage done to the venue's facilities or items contained within. There is also a 10 pm time limit to noise when all loud music must cease. 

Can pets come to the wedding?

Since weddings are a private function, we allow well-behaved and leashed pets on our property. Guests are responsible for providing dog waste bags and properly cleaning up and disposing of waste. 

How long do I have use of the facilities? 

For our weekend wedding packages, you will have the use of our facilities typically from 4 pm on Friday until around noon on Sunday (if you are rafting on Sunday that time will be extended). If you need additional time to clean up on Sunday that can be arranged. For our Sunday One-Day packages, please inquire about time frames since they may vary depending on the date. 

Do I have use of a refrigerator for personal food and/or the wedding dessert? 

We have two refrigerators at our venue. When we are catering the wedding dinner we will primarily be using the refrigerator in our Camp 2 facilities, which is where the dinner will be served. You are welcome to use the refrigerator in Camp 1 to store food, desserts, flowers, and some beer and wine. We cannot allow the use of the refrigerator in Camp 2 since we need the entire unit to store food for the dinner. We also have a freezer you may use to store ice. 

Can I come before my scheduled check-in time to begin setting up? 

Since we are a multi-use venue, on occasion we will have other events that wrap up before your scheduled check-in time. We will require time to clean up and prepare for your wedding, so we please ask that you do not come in early before your agreed upon check-in time. If we do not have an event to clean up it is possible that your check-in time is flexible and you can come in early. If you need to drop anything off several days in advance, please contact us and we will see if we can accommodate you. 

Can I bring in my own decorations?

Absolutely! Feel free to decorate our venue to best fit your personal vision. We only ask that you bring your own decorating supplies and please no confetti, fake flower petals, or any other related non-biodegradable items used during the wedding ceremony. You are also responsible for any damages due to decorations as well as removing all decorations and hauling them away. 

What is the cancellation policy?

In the unlikely event that you should cancel, all deposits and payments are nonrefundable*. In the case of potentially dangerous conditions, including flooding or fires in the immediate area, we will make acceptable exceptions to the cancellation policy and allow full refunds or re-book you to another date if possible.  

*Cancellations due to official state and/or federal restrictions involving COVID-19 will be fully refundable or we will do our best to move your wedding to another available date. To inquire more about our COVID-19 policies, please contact us. 

Can I cater the food for my own wedding?

No, we do not allow the wedding party to cook or prepare their own food in our kitchen facilities. We do allow licensed caterers to prepare meals and use our facilities for an extra fee. The cost to rent the kitchen is $500 including a $250 security deposit which will be returned as long as the kitchen is left in the same state it was found with no damaged or missing items. In the event you would like to bring in your own prepared food such as pizza, burrito bar, etc. for the wedding dinner, we do allow that, however we will charge an excess trash fee of $100.00. The wedding party is also permitted to bring in their own hors d'oeuvres, snacks, desserts, etc. as long as they are already pre-cooked without paying the excess trash fee. 

Is there a price difference for children?

There is no charge for children 5 years of age or younger, however we still need to be informed of how many children are attending for seating purposes.