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When is the best time of the year to get married in this region?

Our typical wedding season is mid April to end of May and September to late October. Since we are a multi-function facility, we host other events besides weddings. As a result, our available space for weddings is limited. We recommend contacting us at least a year in advance to secure your dates. Weather in our region is variable, but spring and fall are the best bets for optimal weather conditions. We do have a covered area for the wedding dinner as well as an alternative covered location for the ceremony in case it rains, although we are an outdoor venue so we cannot guarantee 100% dry conditions. Fall is usually a wonderful time of the year for outdoor weddings, but unfortunately having to deal with wildfire season smoke during the months of August-October is something to consider. Due to hot summer temperatures and the fact we are a 100% outdoor venue we do not offer weddings in the summer months. 

What is the minimum number of guests I can have at my wedding? What is the maximum number? 

There is no minimum number of guests needed and the most comfortable maximum wedding size we fit best is around 120 people. We unfortunately cannot offer any discounts for small, intimate gatherings due to the popularity and limited availability of our weekend dates. We can hold a maximum of ~150 guests in the ceremony area but reception area only can accommodate around 100-120 comfortably. For amounts over 120, there are alternate seating options further away from the reception area. We recommend not exceeding 120 guests due to limited restroom and dining facilities, but please contact us to discuss options for larger events. 

What are my options for catering?

We maintain a list of recommended caterers that have either worked at our venue before or we have contacted to discuss their options with and have determined to be a good fit for our venue. You are welcome to find and hire your own professional caterer to cater the rehearsal dinner and/or reception dinner, but we highly recommend working with a business off our list. Any caterer you hire must be licensed and you must first contact us with their contact info for clearance. We do not allow you or someone you know that is not a professional caterer to use our kitchen facilities. However you are welcome to bring in your own pre-cooked food/beverages to store in our refrigerator for the weekend. For more questions about anything catering related please contact us.

What is your policy on alcohol? 

You are more than welcome to bring in your own beer, wine, and champagne to self-serve for no extra fees. We do not offer bartending services so you are responsible for hiring any bartender services. Hard alcohol is not prohibited, although we require you to have a bartender who serves and monitors the distribution of hard liquor to guests. There will be no self-pouring of hard liquor allowed. 

Can pets come to the wedding?

Since weddings are a private function, with approval, we allow well-behaved and leashed pets on our property for day use only. Pets are not allowed to stay overnight unless an exception has been made. Guests are responsible for keeping pets leashed, under control, providing dog waste bags and properly cleaning up and disposing of waste and responsible for any damage done to our facilities. 

How long do I have use of the facilities? 

For our weekend wedding packages, you will have the use of our facilities typically from 4 PM on Friday until around 1 PM on Sunday. If you need additional time to clean up on Sunday that can be arranged. We try our best to let you come in earlier than 4 PM on Friday, but since we may have overlapping events and require time to prepare for your event, we cannot guarantee early arrival. 

Can I come before my scheduled check-in time to begin setting up? 

Since we are a multi-use venue,  we normally have other events that wrap up before your scheduled check-in time. We will require time to clean up and prepare for your wedding, so we please ask that you do not come in earlier than your agreed upon check-in time. If we do not have an event to clean up it is possible that your check-in time is flexible and you can come in early. If you or any vendors need to drop anything off in advance, please contact us and we will try our best to accommodate you. 

Do I have use of a refrigerator for appetizers, beverages, and desserts? 

We have a refrigerator at our venue to store a reasonable amount of your items such as appetizers, beverages, flowers, etc. We also have a freezer you may use to store ice. We do not provide ice, so you will have to purchase what you need off-site. 

Do you provide any decorations?

You are renting the venue which means you will be able to decide how you want to decorate. We are unable to offer any decorating services. Feel free to decorate our venue to best fit your personal vision. We only ask that you bring your own decorating supplies and please no confetti, fake flower petals, or any other related non-natural items that may be used for the wedding ceremony. You are also responsible for any damages due to decorations as well as removing all decorations and hauling them away. 

What is the cancellation policy?

In the unlikely event that you should cancel, the deposit is nonrefundable unless we determine there to be an exception or your reason for cancelling falls within the cancellation policy outlined in the contract. Depending on when you cancel, the second deposit may also be non-refundable. In the case of potentially dangerous conditions, including flooding or fires in the immediate area, we will make acceptable exceptions to the cancellation policy and allow full refunds or re-book you to another date if possible. Since we are located in California, fire season in the fall months has the potential for smoke in the air. If there is no fire in the immediate region posing a risk to our location, we are unable to accept cancellations because of smoke in the air, although we will try our best to switch you to another available weekend if possible. We highly recommend considering the impacts fire season has on outdoor weddings and decide if an outdoor venue is a good choice for you if you're planning a fall wedding. 

Is there a price difference for young children?

There is no charge for children 5 years of age or younger for camping or breakfast(s), however we still need to be informed of how many children 5 and under are attending for planning purposes. 

How can my guests reserve their camping and breakfast(s)?

You have the choice to either pay for your guests' camping and breakfasts yourself or we can set up a customized online reservation page so your guests can reserve and pay for their own. All you need to do is provide the link to that page to your guests and leave the rest up to us! We highly recommend creating a webpage for your wedding with a website design service such as "The Knot", so you can provide your guests with important information they need about our venue, camping options, and the link to register. 

Do I need to provide my own liability insurance?

We require you to carry your own event liability and host-liquor liability insurance. Please visit the "Links & Documents" page for suggested insurance providers.

Do you provide wedding coordination/day-of coordination services?

No. We will be on-site for the entirety of the event to answer questions and perform the services we agreed to provide, but we are unable to provide coordination, management of your guests and vendors, decorating services, planning, etc. From our experience, we highly recommend you hire a wedding coordinator or at least a day-of coordinator to help guide the event along and keep everyone on schedule. You will be responsible for making sure your coordinator or family and friends in charge are aware of our rules and guidelines discussed in your contract. 

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