Cabin Tents

If you are a guest of a scheduled wedding, please visit our reservations website to reserve tents. Use the group reservation number provided by your host and enter it into the "add to an existing reservation" box on the right hand side of webpage. 

All of our weekend wedding packages includes the use of 5 regular cabin tents plus the cabin. If any more of your guests wish to rent a cabin tent we have several options available at an additional cost. It is up to you how you want your guests to reserve tents. We can set up an online group reservation page where each guest books and pays individually using a generated group number or you may have a different system in mind depending on who you want to reserve which type of cabin tent. 

We have several styles of tents available for rent. All regular cabin tents have bunk beds with both single and double sized pads so we do not recommend filling each tent to capacity unless guests are ok sleeping on top bunks.

Please click on each cabin tent style for more information

We also have open space for some guests to set up their own tents if it fits into your personal vision. There are no designated tent sites so it may get crowded and infringe upon the ambience if personal tents are used. Since this is your wedding, it is up to your discretion if you want to allow guests to bring their own tents. The camping fee of $10 per person/night still applies.